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Technical Support

The quality of our products is further enhanced by prompt, reliable and comprehensive technical support. Our aim is to provide you with exceptionally high levels of customer service allowing you to concentrate on your business and achieve your goals accurately and effortlessly. We appreciate that our clients rely on us; to ensure that we maintain outstanding levels of customer satisfaction we apply the strictest quality standards to all our processes, from research and development to production, control and technical support.

Our team of scientists, who research and develop our products, will be happy to answer your questions directly and help you address any issues you may have.

Please remember to tell us the correct kit code (e.g.PKUMMR2000 / 550nm) as well as the Lot Numbers of the kit (usually shown on the label on the box) and all the vials (on the sticker).

Please report the problem to our Distributor in your country or send your comments via e-mail, phone, fax or even mail directly to us. Please find below our coordinates:

The new company is named "N. Dimopoulos S.A." and can be reached

Phone : +30 210 6548008

or Fax : +30 210 6544232

Our offices are located at:

N. Dimopoulos S.A.

467 Mesogeion Ave

15343 Aghia Paraskevi


Mobile : +30 6948 277488

E-mail: or

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