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The new company is named


The main objectives of our company are the development and production of neonatal diagnostic kits and the trading of those kits internationally. Those kits should not be replicas of what's on the market already but offer significant advantages for the user.


Following the aquisition of R&D Diagnostics by N. Dimopoulos S.A. there have been some changes in the responsibilities  and the work is now shared much more efficiently between the various departments. R&D Diagnostics still exists and operates as a separate entity in the new scheme.


Our company is certified by Lloyds for ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 


Some words about us

  • CEO & General Manager : Mr. Nikos Dimopoulos (Chemist) founder of N.Dimopoulos SA on January, 2007. He has worked for many years as a Managing Director in ICI-ZENECA. 
  • Sales & Marketing Manager : Mr. John Spiliotis (Biologist, Vice President). He has nearly 20 years experience in the Diagnostic and Laboratory business.   
  • Production & Quality Assurance Manager : Mr. Kostis Dimopoulos (Chem. Engineer). He has 10 years experience in production and Quality Assurance issues.
  • Technical Support Manager : Dr. George J. Reclos (Pharmacist, Immunologist). He has a 10 year experience in Research Immunology coupled with a 17 year experience in Diagnostics (working with Shield Diagnostics Ltd and lately with Quantase Limited). Some of his research papers and citations (mainly in the Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer fields but also on G-6-PD) can be retrieved by entering "Reclos" in most Internet search engines.

Entrance to our new facilities at N. Dimopoulos S.A.

Some of the offices at our new facilities

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