Prevention is better than Treatment


Intercientifica (Brazil) is one of the best information sites on neonatal screening kits. Claudio Sampaio, President of the company has created a very nice site with all the information neatly arranged. Full inserts for all products included in both Portuguese and English. Very often updated. The recently presented version includes a very good list of relevant publications.

ALL EIGHT (Malaysia / Singapore)

PKU Society Many useful information on the disease of Phenylketonuria and links to databases, articles, statistics and special dietary products (low protein milks, cookies, egg substitutes etc.). If you are either a health professional or an interested parent you should definitely pay it a visit.

The G6PD Deficiency Homepage A  very good site dedicated to G-6-PD deficiency. Very well organized it includes a post section with a great variety of subjects. Lots of information on the Molecular Basis of G-6-PD, eye-catching molecular models of the DNA responsible for the enzyme, clinical data, links to lots of other sites related to the disease.  A "must" for anyone interested in the disease. It also provides link to the bibliographical data on G-6-PD getting back to 1914, thanks to a donation by Dr. Beutler.

The German Society for Neonatal Screening A very good site (in German) dedicated to the Neonatal Screening programs active in Germany. Their Journal is of particular interest and the site is being translated into English at the moment.

The State of Georgia Newborn Screening Manual

The Queen's University of Belfast - Departmnet of Clinical Biochemistry

Newborn Screening Practitioner's Manual

Washington State Department of Health Argument on Galactose Screening

Public Health Genetics Neonatal Biochemical Screening

MedWebPlus Neonatal Screening

Screenwatch: Neonatal Screening

UTAH State Newborn Screening






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