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Research using our Kits

R&D Diagnostics Ltd  has been actively involved  in the research and development of the G-6-PD reagents from the beginning and has a strong background in basic research.

Therefore, we look forward for any new applications or improvements for these kits. It is belief that development of  a really good product never stops. Our aim was to present the best kit at the best price and support it in the best possible way. All these superlatives call for a commitment to research and a continuous rally to make the product better and better. There are quite a few projects and studies ongoing in various countries which are supported, organized or sponsored by our company. Moreover, we listen to your comments, discuss the pros and cons of our kits, look for improvements, examine the possibility of modifications and / or new methods, explore new applications in short : we are actively seeking the best.

We start from the very basic understanding that, although the "best" is unrealistic the "next to the best" should be our target. In the following pages, some of our work will be presented along with abstracts or brief discussions of work coming from labs that use our kits. Most of the findings can be used with almost every quantitative G-6-PD kit on the market, although our kits are - naturally - recommended.  Furthermore, some of the findings may be used with other kits (not for G-6-PD screening).

Finally, we are looking forward to your active participation. Any paper received - in electronic form - will be adjusted (in collaboration with the authors) to occupy three pages - at the most - and will be added to this section. Whenever reprints are available, it will be noted at the beginning of each paper presented.

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